John’s story

John has one of the most familiar broadcast voices and faces in the Midlands.

Until his retirement after 20 years as the BBC’s first Political Editor for the East Midlands, John had observed and reported on the Westminster scene for longer than even he Cared to remember!

He’s now an Honorary Professor at the School of Politics at the University of Nottingham.

Whether reporting “live” from outside the House of Commons, Downing Street or the European Parliament, John reported on how political decisions affected the people of the Midlands.

His regular appearances for BBCTV’s “East Midlands Today” and “Sunday Politics” established him as a trusted and authoritative voice.

However, his retirement hasn’t gone quite to plan. He’s back on BBCTV’s “East Midlands Today” as a reporter to cover the EU Referendum campaign.

A regular pundit on the BBC’s election night programmes, John had also interviewed Prime Ministers and Presidents.

During his distinguished broadcasting career, he was nominated for three Royal Television Society awards and for two years running, was a finalist in the Midlands Media Awards for TV journalist of the year.

He’s also appeared on BBC Radio Four’s “Today” programme, the BBC News Channel and Radio Five Live.

He was a member of the Westminster-based parliamentary lobby of journalists since being appointed the political editor of BBC East Midlands in the late 1990s.

More recently, John has hosted events at the Nottingham Playhouse with authors, such as Alistair Campbell and Alan Johnson.

Away from political journalism, John has broadcast on BBC Radio 3 about the joys of singing in choirs and made a celebrated film for BBC TV’s Inside Out programme about the revival of British burlesque.

A father of grown-up three children, John lives a cricket ball’s throw from the historic Trent Bridge cricket ground in Nottingham. He’s part of a small team that’s creating a new global digital archive of the history of Trent Bridge in particular and English cricket in general.

He may also be seen with his son Ben watching Nottingham Forest, at the City Ground; although his first love will always be for Birmingham City

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